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F(x) Data Cloud

F(x) Data cloud is a cloud infrastructure service initiated by F(x) Data Labs, a research based lab in Ahmedabad. We are one of the few companies in India who developed IaaS which is powered by OpenStack; a scalable, open source cloud infrastructure platform that delivers an alternative to closed cloud environments and reduces the risk of lock-in on proprietary platforms. We have built the platform using Newton, the latest version of OpenStack with key functionalities to manage compute, storage and networking in the cloud. We also have the widest range of databases to choose from!

Here at F(x) Data labs, we work on the cutting edge technology to bring noticeable change in the society. Currently, we are working on our algorithm called h+tree which increases the speed limit of the databases that serves more number of users at a time. h+ tree is capable to deliver 300% speed compared to the existing B+Tree. Hence your servers will become exceptionally fast and your server cost also goes down eventually. The end goal for setting up our cloud infrastructure is that we want to inject our h+Tree algorithm into our cloud servers and we look forward to deliver the fastest cloud servers to the entire software industry!

Team of Researchers, Developers, Designers and Strategists all hand picked from their specialized domains, brought together to achieve the heights they all dream for!